Founding Concept for Expat LifeHope Hotline

LifeHope was established under Caritas Macau social services in 1984. In July 2003 the 24-hour telephone Chinese language counseling and suicide prevention service was launched. The hotline has been providing immediate support to people who have emotional needs, servicing over 10,000 callers in 2014.

Life Hope has also worked to promote awareness through emotional health and suicide prevention education, as well as other public outreach initiatives among the local Chinese community.

Over the past decade, Macau has witnessed tremendous development. With this rapid economic growth has come a demographic shift bringing in thousands of foreign workers to fill the human resource gap.

Many of those coming to Macau for work find themselves in a new environment, often separated from their families and friends, and like all of us, face times of crisis during which they are in need of emotional and social support.

Recognizing the need for a public support service catering to those who could not benefit from the existing Chinese Life-Hope hotline service, Caritas Macau took the initiative to extend its support to the growing international community living in Macau through the creation of the Expat Life Hope service in June 2015.

Typical Crisis Areas

  • Preventing Suicide
  • Asking for Help (help-seeking)
  • Cross cultural difficulties / Adjustment
  • Concern about others
  • Depression
  • Domestic & Family Abuse
  • Family & Relationship Problems
  • Financial Problems
  • Loneliness & Isolation
  • Loss & Grief
  • Panic Attacks
  • Problem Gambling
  • Self-harm
  • Stress
  • Substance Abuse and Addiction
  • Suicide Bereavement

Mission and Values

Our Mission is to provide compassionate communication and assistance to people in crisis, enabling them to make good life choices.

Our Vision is to witness people in crisis receiving compassionate support and regaining their inner harmony regardless of age, creed, gender or sexual orientation.

Code of Conduct

In the delivery of our LifeHope hotline service, all LifeHope volunteers and staff:

  • will adhere to all LifeHope hotline policies and procedures
  • will not discriminate against people on basis of age, gender, sexual preference, marital status, religion, ethnicity, disability or financial status
  • will show sensitive and non-judgmental regard for the caller’s beliefs and values. Personal beliefs or ideals are not to be imposed on callers or other staff or volunteers, nor discussed within a crisis support contact. This includes religious, personal or any other beliefs or philosophies
  • will respect the confidentiality of the callers within the limitations of safety to that caller and the community. LifeHope hotline volunteers are expected to offer support and respect to all callers and are also required to respond in a way that ensures safety of callers and other third parties through affirming life and minimising risk, harm or abuse to community
  • will not engage in conduct that might damage the reputation of LifeHope hotline and the services it provides
  • will provide and update LifeHope with relevant information about their background, criminal history and personal circumstances that could affect actual or perceived ability to deliver LifeHope hotline services
  • will not contact or facilitate contact with a caller during or after the contact, nor exploit the caller for any personal, physical or emotional gain
  • will work within the limits of their role as defined by the Service Description and Practice Model as well as other LifeHope hotline Policies and Procedures
  • will recognize the limits of their training and expertise and make appropriate referrals when a caller’s requirements are beyond their expertise or outside of LifeHope’s service purpose
  • will not provide services when under the influence of alcohol or other drugs which may impair judgement
  • will utilize supervision processes to develop service delivery skills, monitor performance and provide accountability for practice
  • will actively practice self-care
  • will not use or disclose any information (de-identified or otherwise) obtained while undertaking their role within Expat LifeHope, including but not limited to caller stories, training material or any policies and procedures, without written permission from Expat LifeHope Macau
  • will not disclose any personal details to callers, including their name.