Work as Expat LifeHope Hotline Volunteer in Macau!

Working for the Macau Expat LifeHope Hotline requires great commitment from our volunteers. We are glad to provide our service from 9am till 9pm from Monday to Saturday in English and Portuguese languages.

For us every call is important. We respect and value each caller, giving our undivided attention and empathy to those who are going through tough times in their lives, and are desperate.

For this reason, all our volunteers are trained to provide a professional service and are able to:

  • Genuinely listen to others without judgment
  • Refrain from giving advice or imposing their own religious and political beliefs on others
  • Abide by our Charter in terms of work principles and values

Volunteer Training

Volunteer training is the basis of our service quality and commitment. All our volunteers are trained and adhere strictly to the Expat LifeHope hotline values, and work principles and procedures.

Stage 1

The interview for selection is a necessary part of our training to ensure that the volunteer is qualified/competent to be able to engage in the Expat LifeHope hotline training process. This ensures that our volunteers can provide the best possible service for our callers.

Stage 2

Selected potential volunteers undergo training sessions in collaborative learning which helps them to develop necessary listening skills and gain knowledge and confidence to support callers in crisis.

There are six sessions which consist of skills practice, role plays and group discussions, as well as the phone room training. It is possible that in the process of learning, potential volunteers will learn more about themselves.

Stage 3

At this stage, the trainee participates in a supervised internship at our call center. At this stage, volunteers are trained to leave their personal thoughts, values and beliefs outside the center, so they can just “be there” for the caller.

Expat LifeHope Hotline Support Network

Under the supervised care of our Training Team, volunteers help and support each other from the very beginning of training onwards to ensure that no one will ever be left alone to cope with the difficult situation without peer support.

Attendance at all training sessions is necessary in order to complete the Expat LifeHope hotline training. To provide the best service possible, we expect high levels of commitment and high service standards from our volunteers.

We conduct volunteer training courses a few times per year. If you are interested in volunteering with us, you need to apply first. We will then contact you as soon as possible when the training schedule is finalized.

Training Process

During the training process you will learn how to become an active and compassionate listener. Volunteering with the Expat LifeHope hotline is a rewarding experience for those who are dedicated and committed to serving the community.


  • Be willing to attend training sessions organized by Expat LifeHope
  • Be dedicated and committed to learning how to become an effective listener
  • Be 18 years of age or above
  • Have Macau residency or Blue Card valid for more than 2 years
  • Be able to commit 2-3 hours weekly
  • Be able to keep confidentiality

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